Jun 23



Jonathan and I’s eight-month anniversary rolled around while we were still staying in Capranica Italy so we decided to take the night to get out and celebrate! We had mostly been cooking at home from supplies we found at the market because it is more inexpensive so getting to adventure out to a restaurant was a special treat.

Even though there are many authentic Italian restaurants in town, we shamefully chose to go to a “Tex-Mex” bar that served American style Mexican food. We told ourselves that it was just because we were interested in seeing what the Italian interpretation of “Tex-Mex” was but I honestly think we wanted a taste of home.

We happened to go on the night a live band was playing country music and folk songs which I surprisingly enjoyed considering I am not a fan of country music in America. The restaurant owner and the lead guitarist spoke very good English which was rare since we hadn’t yet met anyone in Capranica who was fluent in English.

We requested a few from their Johnny Cash and The Beatles repertoire and I kept thinking how ironic it was that I traveled halfway around the world to hear tunes that were created in Nashville just hours from where I grew up. One thing I have really noticed while being in Italy is how great of a presence the American music culture has among the Italians even if they do not understand the lyrics.

The mojito I got was different from what I was used to because there was less alcohol content replaced with more mint and sugar. Also, I have not been carded once while I have been here. I don’t know what the alcohol restrictions are here but it is nice not to be treated like a baby for a change every time I try to order a drink.

One thing Jonathan and I have tried to figure out is the protocol for tipping at restaurants. A couple we have visited added an automatic “servizio” to the check of around 1.50€ per person. However, this restaurant didn’t add anything so we left a couple of euros as a tip just incase it was rude not to. That is the interesting thing about traveling to different cultures; there are so many unspoken niceties and rudenesses that you just have to figure out along the way. Overall I think we successfully navigated the Friday nightlife of Capranica Italy!

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